Jets Call

Remote Lambda Function

You can use jets call to test with the CLI. Example:

$ jets call posts-controller-index '{"test":1}' | jq '.body | fromjson'
  "hello": "world",
  "action": "index"
$ jets call help # for more info like passing the payload via a file
                 # or how to call the functions locally with --local

The corresponding aws lambda CLI commands would be:

aws lambda invoke --function-name demo-dev-posts_controller-index --payload '{"queryStringParameters":{"test":1}}' outfile.txt
cat outfile.txt | jq '.body | fromjson'
rm outfile.txt
aws lambda invoke help

For controllers, the jets call method wraps the parameters in the lambda proxy integration input format structure for your convenience.

Local Function

The jets call command supports a local testing mode with the --local option. This allows you to test locally before deploying. Here’s an example:

jets call posts-controller-index '{"test":1}' --local

For more info and jets call examples, check out the CLI reference: jets call cli.

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