CloudWatch Log Events

Jets supports CloudWatch Log Events. This allows you to have a Lambda function run when your CloudWatch Log Group receives log data. You can access the data via event and log_event.

class LogJob < ApplicationJob
  log_event "/aws/lambda/hello"
  def report
    puts "event #{JSON.dump(event)}"
    puts "log_event #{JSON.dump(log_event)}"

Here’s where the logs subscription filter is in the CloudWatch console:

The log_event declaration creates an AWS::Logs::SubscriptionFilter. So you can provide a filter pattern like so:

class LogJob < ApplicationJob
    filter_pattern: "{$.userIdentity.type = Root}"
  def report
    puts "event JSON.dump(event)"

It is recommended that you use a filter_pattern because there can be a lot of CloudWatch Log event data. Here are the docs on Searching and Filtering Log Data. You can do regular text filter if your logs are plain text and JSON-path based filtering if your logs are JSON.

Event Payloads

The event payload from CloudWatch Log is a compressed base64 encoded String within a JSON structure. That’s quite a mouthful, so an example helps explain:


    "awslogs": {
        "data": "H4sIAGPuZFwAA61SXY/SQBT9K83ER2pn7nzzVkJdVwEN7WYftsRM6YCNLcW2gEj4705xN2yiJms083Jzzsy55565J1TZtjVrmxy3Fg3ROEzCT9MojsObCA1QfdjYxsGEAFDKGOdCOLis1zdNvds6JjCHNihNleUm+GzLsv5Jx11jTeV4wEQHGALCgodXkzCJ4mRBLcYYhMkwFWy5IgYruTKgNNF5JlbaSbS7rF02xbYr6s2bouxs06LhA8ptVfu53fuTev2uznx+f/8ez2AKah76c7utmy7+5aWfjKaT8I7g2W3yFi0u/qK93XS95AkVubNJGRdKcglSUCw0BayIdEdJLbFkkmJGGFZUc0LdRAyUFFzoPoyucBF2pnJpEM4xIaJXInLwFK2TvyTjHeqmzNMNOg/+rat8YVfbD+mdUvTFHkmKhinam3JnXTm4YHDF4AmjV8yV59+71UpLygFzJRQWRIEW3LGcSQWOUFoDEPedgoCQ7E9uhVTP3UazsTe3X3fu4m0+9NiSaMUw9YnRzGcgM1/nyvqMG8BLt1YA5j+44y90N48+fpgnf22wG+8a06/i0COSvpbUq9q0GxVlaXPvygHGjvDSbuoWvDl6cfHduhegvOnIgeab90jctda15vyC9+Mvzj8ACHlavMMDAAA="

To get the data out we must first decode64 it, ungzip it, and load the JSON string.


Jets provides the uncompressed data via log_event:

    "message"=>"hello world\n"},
     "event {\"key1\":\"value1\",\"key2\":\"value2\",\"key3\":\"value3\"}\n"},
    "message"=>"END RequestId: 4c198403-1a94-427b-9d8e-45a20c20122a\n"},
     "REPORT RequestId: 4c198403-1a94-427b-9d8e-45a20c20122a\tDuration: 173.73 ms\tBilled Duration: 200 ms \tMemory Size: 128 MB\tMax Memory Used: 55 MB\t\n"}]}

Here’s a screenshot of CloudWatch logs to show an example of this data:

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