Once you are ready to deploy your app to Lambda, it’s one command to do so:

jets deploy

After deployment, you can test the Lambda functions with the AWS Lambda console or the CLI.

Lambda Functions:

Minimal Deploy IAM Policy

The IAM user you are using to run the jets deploy command needs a minimal set of IAM policies in order to deploy a Jets application. For more info, refer to the Minimal Deploy IAM Policy docs.

Deploy to Different AWS Accounts

To deploy to different AWS accounts, use different AWS profiles. To set up the different AWS profiles refer to the AWS docs: Multiple AWS Profiles. Here’s an example for your convenience:






[profile account2]

To deploy to different accounts:

jets deploy
AWS_PROFILE=account2 jets deploy

To deploy to different environments:

jets deploy production

Deploying to Multiple Regions

Deploying to multiple regions can be achieved with AWS_REGION. Example:

AWS_REGION=us-east-1 jets deploy
AWS_REGION=us-west-2 jets deploy

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