Jets New Modes

The jets new command has 3 different modes: html, api, and job. Use the --mode option to specify one of them. The modes allow you to generate different starter Jets projects for different needs.


jets new demo --mode html # default
jets new api --mode api
jets new cron --mode job

Here’s a table that describes the different modes. It briefly covers when it may make sense to use one over the other.

Mode Description
html The html mode generates a starter app useful for html web applications. This mode includes webpacker and assets. This article may be of use Jets CRUD Introduction if you’re looking at this mode.
api The api mode is useful for building APIs. This mode does not include webpacker or assets. You may be interested in this article: Build an API with the Jets if you’re looking at this mode.
job The job mode creates a very lightweight project. It is useful when you only need to run just a few Lambda function. It’s a perfect mode if you want something like a Serverless Cron Job with Jets

No Database Option

A notable option is the --no-database option. If you have an app that does not require a database, it is useful to have jets new generate a skeleton app without a database configured. Here’s an example with api mode and no database:

jets new api --mode api --no-database

Refer to the CLI reference jets new for more info.

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