Env Files

Jets can load environment variables from .env files. There can be few different dotenv files that get loaded and combined. An example best explains how dotenv files work.

Say you have a Jets project that has the following dotenv files:


Always Loaded

The .env file will always get loaded.

Environment Specific Variables

The second word is the JETS_ENV value. So:

  • JETS_ENV=development corresponds to .env.development
  • JETS_ENV=test corresponds to .env.test
  • JETS_ENV=production corresponds to .env.production

These files only get loaded for the configured valued of JETS_ENV. This allows you to use different environment variables for different environments.

Remote Only Variables

The last example file is .env.development.remote. The values from this file only get loaded for the deployed remote Lambda Functions. It can be useful if you need different values on the lambda function and would like to keep the same JETS_ENV.

To use the remote values also in the jets console you can use the JETS_ENV_REMOTE=1 env variable. Example:

JETS_ENV_REMOTE=1 jets console

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