Email Sending

Jets supports sending emails via ActionMailer.


Here’s an example showing how to get started with email.

jets new demo
cd demo
jets generate mailer UserMailer new_user

This generates starter app/mailers/application_mailer.rb and app/mailers/user_mailer.rb examples.

Sending Email

Here’s an example of how to send email:

$ jets console
> UserMailer.new_user.deliver

If your ActionMailer class uses params you can provide them via the with method. Example:

class UserMailer < ApplicationMailer
  def notify_user
    @post = params[:post]
    mail(to: "", subject: "Check out this post")

Then in the console:

$ jets console
> posts = Posts.first
> UserMailer.with(post: post).notify_user.deliver

Synchronous Sending

Though ActionMailer itself supports sending email asynchronously, Jets use of ActionMailer does not currently. Emails are delivered synchronously. Asynchronously support will be added in time. Pull requests are welcome.

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