Jets Turbines

A Jets::Turbine provides hooks to extend Jets and or modify the initialization process. This is inspired from Railties.

The interface is currently being developed and will be refined. Here’s a table of the currently supported methods:

Method Description
initalizer Runs as part of the Jets boot process. This runs after Jets application has been booted with database setup.
exception_reporter Registers an exception reporter. Whenever there is an application-wide exception, the registered block of code will be run. This is useful to report errors to error reporting services.

Turbine Form

Here’s an example of a Turbine taken from the sentry-jets gem:

require 'sentry-raven'

module SentryJets
  class Turbine < ::Jets::Turbine
    initializer 'sentry.configure' do
      Raven.configure do |config|
        config.dsn = ENV['SENTRY_DSN']

    exception_reporter 'sentry.capture' do |exception|

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